4minute to pre-release ballad track “Cold Rain” + drop “Coming Soon” video

On January 23rd, CUBE Entertainment girl group 4minute released a short and mysterious teaser video titled “Coming Soon.” 

The video was in black and white and featured three rolling dice. Although the 16-second video didn’t reveal much else other than that the group would be revealing something soon, netizens were puzzled at the possible meaning of the dice, whose faces landed on 1, 2, and 6. Fans connected the sum of those three numbers to the number nine which was significant in a previous video.

Alternatively, others read the message as a date, January 26th. It has been revealed that the group will be pre-releasing their ballad title track “Cold Rain” on this date. The track is said to have been composed by Son Young Jin and produced by Jo Sung Ho.

The video was as confusing to 4NIAs as the “REVAMPED” video, which was released earlier in the week on January 20th. Group member Gayoon also uploaded a photo on Instagram of a logo reading “Four Minute” earlier in the month, teasing fans about the comeback.

Because the video was titled “Coming Soon Ver. 1”, there is speculation that there will be more teaser videos before the group releases their comeback. Despite the mystery behind the video and the group’s comeback, however, fans still showed excitement for the upcoming release and left their messages of encouragement and anticipation. The group is set to release their comeback in February.

Make sure to check out the mysterious teaser video below:

Source: Newsen