4MINUTE releases choreography video for “Crazy”

After promising fans that they would release a choreography version for their latest hit “Crazy” when the music video reached 6 million views, 4MINUTE quickly kept their promise by uploading the video on February 24th. 

Less than a week after the CUBE Entertainment group made the announcement on their official Facebook page, the music video for 4MINUTE’s latest comeback track quickly jumped to 6 million views. Although the video did not reach 6 million views by the goal date of February 22nd, 4NIA’s put in a lot of hard work, helping the video reach the desired amount of views in under a week.

Like the original music video, the choreography video for “Crazy” is mostly in black and white, and featured the girls’ sexy dance moves. Unlike the music video, however, the choreography video did not have as many cuts, allowing viewers to have a good view of the group’s choreography.

Fans appreciated the video, noting that it was very helpful for them as they attempted to learn the hot and sexy dance moves from “Crazy.” Comments of excitement and appreciation from fans included messages such as, “love you girls!“, “finally yessss <3 now I can learn the whole thing~“, and “Now i can learn all  the choreography 🙂 “.

Make sure to check out the choreography video for 4MINUTE’s “Crazy” below!