4MINUTE releases making of video for “Crazy” jacket photos

On February 11th, 4MINUTE released behind the scenes footage for their shoot for their Crazy jacket photos.

4MINUTE recently came back with their 6th mini-album and music video for the title track”Crazy” on January 9th. With a brand new look and hip hop music style, 4MINUTE put together a bold and daring comeback.

The ladies took fans behind the scenes in their latest video to show their setup and process of making their jacket photos. Featuring their new track in the background, the video shows close ups of the members reviewing their photos as well as the fun they have between shots.

In addition to this video, the group also released a video for the making of the music video. The members also released jacket images prior to their comeback which featured some of the looks from the music video.

Meanwhile, amidst the support for the new song, claims have been made by a Korean blogger that “Crazy” has been completely plagiarized.

Check out the behind the scenes video: