4MINUTE shares “Cold Rain” making of film

On January 26th, Cube Entertainment’s girl group 4MINUTE delighted fans with some behind the scenes footage from the music video of their latest comeback track, “Cold Rain.”

Following the recent release of the pre-release’s music video and its chart-topping success, the girls share some special footage of their ballad track’s music video filming for fans to enjoy before the release of their mini-album.

The behind the scenes footage begins with some shots of the screw preparing the setting. Soon, the emotional guitar and background music of the track come in to get viewers into the mood.

As the members are dressed in their classy and luxurious music video outfits, they take breaks from filming by sharing their thoughts on the new track and music video filming. Although the set seems cold as their speaking creates fogs, the members can be seen working hard and showing off their close chemistry as they lip sync to fast forwards of the track. They end the video with messages of love and support for their fans who have been patient for this long awaited comeback.

4MINUTE is expected to release the rest of their mini-album later in February to stay tuned for details!

Take a look at the scenes below: