4MINUTE’s Jiyoon to make her big screen debut

4MINUTE‘s Jiyoon is confirmed to have been cast in, as well as finished filming for the lead female role for upcoming film, Time To Love. 

According to an affiliated member, Jiyoon is to star in director Shin Yeon Shik‘s omnibus film Like a French Movie‘s one of the many segments, “Time To Love.” Other segments of the film include, “Lady Who Sells Beer,” “Remaining Time,” “Like a French Movie,” and more

Although Jiyoon starred in web-drama Dreaming CEO in the past, this will be her first big screen project. Reportedly, the idol star has finished filming her portion in “Time To Love” last June. This particular segment is about the four day vacation of a mother and her daughters. Jiyoon is to act the role of a young and lively girl in her early 20s. Other than 4MINUTE’s Jiyoon, SISTAR‘s Dasom is to star in the segment “Lady Who Sells Beer.”

An anonymous source mentioned, “Jiyoon is very well-balanced. She is not only the lead vocal, but also works with rap, lyrics, and composition for 4MINUTE. Although acting is a new challenge for her, she received many compliments during filming for the quality of emotion she shows while acting.”

Meanwhile, Like a French Movie finished filming last year and is currently in the final editing process. It is set to release in the box office sometime this year.