4TEN releases fun-filled “Why” MV

On January 5th, the girls of 4TEN completed their exploration of New York City with the release of the full music video of their comeback track, “Why.”

In previous video teasers, fans saw the members wandering around the city. In the music video, viewers see more of the members while they explore. They cutely bring their suitcases from place to place and experience the subway trains.

In the music video, viewers get to see the fun and lovable personalities of 4TEN as they window shop for brand name clothes, visit the Statue of Liberty, and more.

Netizens have complimented their new, youthful concept as they dance in matching green plaid outfits and blue uniforms. Additionally, their fashionable black suit outfits look sophisticated and chic.

“Why” is a fun pop track that highlights 4TEN’s powerful vocals and speedy rap. The melody of the tune matches the extravagance of city life that the girls see.

Check out the full music video below: