5 Of The Most Empowering Songs In K-Pop

While there are countless love songs being released by idols, they’re not all about falling for a man or woman!

Self-empowerment is a growing movement and K-Pop idols are no exception to this! The idea that self-worth tied to appearance and status is still strong in many countries and celebrities are pushing back hard.

While K-Pop tends to be light-hearted, it can also have deeper themes and symbolism. Here are some songs that aren’t in the basic mold and encourage fans to love themselves.

Miss A has several iconic hits, and “I Don’t Need a Man” is no exception. The ladies exude confidence, bragging about being able to take care of themselves and being independent. They find joy in living for themselves, dismissing the thought of needing a man to provide for them. No amount of luxury or pamper can defeat the feeling of earning your own way!


In the male dominated genre of hip-hop, CL is a fierce role model for women around the world. Her song “THE BADDEST FEMALE” celebrates the untraditional “bad girl”. She is unapologetic and shows pride in being a “BAD FEMALE”. Society praises “nice girls”, but CL defends those that do not fit this model. She identifies herself as a heroine and redefines what being “Bad” is.

f(x) member Amber is no stranger to rejecting social norms. She is unabashed when it comes to her clothing and personality. Despite her strong persona, she’s revealed her insecurities in the past. Her song “Borders” is about the battle to overcome these negative thoughts and feelings. The chorus encourages people to “stand up straight, fight your way […] through the borders“. While adversity is difficult to face, do not give up as “there’s so much more ahead through the borders“.

Michelle Lee has been open with her struggles growing up around discrimination in a rather homogeneous country. Those experiences influenced her debut single “Without You”, which promotes self-love. The child actor in the music video deals with bullying due to her appearance. Michelle is encouraging as she sings “I’m beautiful without you” and “I’m meaningful without you“. One’s self-love and acceptance can provide the power to overcome life’s hardships.


While GOT7‘s “Just Right” may be female-oriented, the lyrics are applicable to everyone. Listeners hear they are “perfect just the way you are” as a central theme in the song. People stress about life’s superficial aspects, when they shouldn’t “try to look for what isn’t good enough” as the song goes on to say. Happiness and well-being should take priority above all!

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