5 K-pop Girl Groups Who Nailed The Sexy Uniform Look

The sexy uniform look has always been a popular concept among K-pop groups. It’s been done time and again by several groups, but some seem to have had a better reaction to fans than others. Check out this compilation of five girl groups who pulled off the sexy uniform concept flawlessly!

1. Girls’ Generation

snsd 2

snsd 3

snsd 4

snsd 5


2. After School

after school 1

after school 2

after school 3

after school 4

3. Girl’s Day

girls day 1

girls day 2

girls day 3

girls day 4

4. AOA

aoa 1

aoa 2

aoa 3

aoa 4

aoa 5

5. f(x)

fx 2

fx 3

fx 4

fx 5


BONUS: Apink brings a pure and young concept with their refreshing uniform concept!

apink 2

apink 3

apink 4

apink lets dance

Source: Dispatch