5 Times BTS’s V Was 200% His Very Own Self On “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth”

That… is just Hansung’s inner V showing.

It is 2016’s K-Drama series Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which created the “Wooga” brotherhood, in which BTS‘s V tried out acting for the first time. As Hansung, the purest maknae poet warrior in the making, V glowed with aegyo and optimism — which are, actually, huge parts of V’s real personality too. Thanks to that perfect role-to-actor synchronization, V’s first-ever portrayal of this historic character received high praise from the viewers. With that said, here are 5 times the camera caught V being V, being Hansung.

1. The Sleeping Scene

Here’s V raiding his BFF actor Park Seo Joon‘s character’s bed. The way he hugs the pillow is V being V. ARMYs watching the series immediately noticed that particular habit of his — and couldn’t stop laughing at how the character Hansung must sleep exactly like BTS’s V!

2. The Faking Scene

Here’s V pretending to be in pain so he could get an extra minute or two of that foot massage. Not that V would ever do this to trick anyone — but this scene specifically reminded the viewers of V as V because of the way V’s facial expression changed so quickly! V is well known to have a thousand facial expressions; this must have been one use of that skill.

3. The Whining Scene

Here’s V begging Park Seo Joon’s character not to leave him behind. Viewers got a good laugh out of this scene, thanks to V’s extra passionate tantrum. Likewise, V wouldn’t throw a fit like this in real life — but the level of aegyo that is evident from the scene made it pretty clear to the viewers: This is actually V being V.

4. The Frustrated Scene

Here’s V getting frustrated with himself for failing to learn sword fighting. And as loyal ARMYs know from countless times BTS played games on Run BTS! that V is used to losing — as much as he is to winning. In the scene, V gets upset at his character’s hyung for being too tough on him — but soon admits that he lost and gets up to try again. That diligence is definitely on brand for V. Looks like Hansung and he had that in common for sure!

5. The Excited Scene

Here’s V thrilled to see Park Seo Joon’s character again. Take a good look at the way V runs toward Park Seo Joon, as well as the way he cheekily whispers into Park Seo Joon’s ears. Is that not V, when he sees his BTS bestie Jimin? Or one of his hyungs, like J-Hope? V simply couldn’t hide his innate friendliness.


Watch a compilation of V moments in the show here: