7 Breathtakingly Iconic K-Drama OSTs

Dramas are, without a doubt, nothing without the soundtracks that back them up. Imagine how awkward a scene would be if Park Shin Hye were just sitting there, sobbing, without an emotional ballad in the background! Take a listen at these Seven Breathtakingly Iconic K-Drama OSTs!

1. “Paradise” – T-Max (Boys Over Flowers)

The opening track of KBS2‘s megahit Boys Over Flowers is probably the most recognized opening songs of any drama ever. The introduction instantly connects listeners to the scenes of Shinhwa High, home to the F4, grinning in their dashing black blazers and freshly polished shoes. “Paradise” is definitely a track that will forever be engraved into the hearts of all those who watched and loved Boys Over Flowers.

2. “I Miss You” – Kim Bum Soo (Stairway To Heaven)

“I Miss You” is the song that everyone has heard, everyone has covered, and everyone has cried to. However, not everyone knows that it was originally the signature OST to SBS‘s 2003 drama Stairway To Heaven, which may possibly be the original heart-wrenching, tear-jerking Korean drama to make a big impact on the Hallyu Wave. Stairway to Heaven is, without a doubt, the tear-jerker of all tear-jerkers, in which “happy ending” is a term that hardly ever exists.

3. “Don’t Forget” – Baek Ji Young (IRIS)

If Kim Bum Soo is the king of OSTs, then the queen is definitely Baek Ji Young, whose contribution to the hit drama IRIS back in 2009 still remains a megahit in all Korean karaoke machines. Although the drama revolves around secret agents, fighting, and Kim Taehee‘s beauty, Baek Ji Young has presented the ballad in such a way brings listeners into emotions of a different dimension, showing the demons characters are suffering from underneath the fighting and battles.

4. “Love Is The Moment” – 2AM’s Changmin (The Heirs)

Credit must be given to 2AM‘s Changmin for his beautiful piece in the The Heirs‘ OST. The touching moments between Cha Eun Sang and Kim Tan would simply not be the same without Changmin’s husky, background serenade.


5. “My Destiny” – Lyn (You Who Came From The Stars)

Whether or not fans have seen the drama, the iconic song “My Destiny” seems to have found its way to their ears. Perhaps proof of the drama’s popularity and success, the track’s nomination and win for “Best OST” at the MAMA Award seems well deserved indeed.

6. “That Man” – Hyun Bin / “That Woman” – Baek Ji Young (Secret Garden)

The same track presented from two different views, the most popular OST from Secret Garden is surely memorable and iconic. Hyun Bin sings about how “that man loves you wholeheartedly,” perfectly conveying the innermost feelings of a man who can do nothing but love a woman who does not realize his feelings. In response, Baek Ji Young somberly expresses the emotions of a woman who loves a man from a close proximity yet does not confess that love, in fear of losing him forever. It is hard to imagine the drama without the underlying grief and sorrow that this song brings, despite being recognized and loved for its humor and comical scenes.

7. “Because I’m Stupid” – SS501 (Boys Over Flowers)

The track that is to finish off our journey through the ultimate treasure trove of Korean OSTs is another classic from a drama already mentioned. Probably the most recognizable track fro the Boys Over Flowers soundtrack, “Because I’m Stupid” is worthy of commendation for a vast variety of achievements. Although describing a painful and bittersweet feeling of one-sided love, the song is a comforting message to listeners with its upbeat tempo and funky tone.

And as a bonus, here’s a heart-wrenching performance of the song: