7 Idols With Contagious Laughs That Will Make You Crack Up

Many idols are known for their bright personalities, but these idols are known for contagious laughter.

Idols leave fans in stitches of laughter for a variety of reasons, from their adorable (or sometimes cringing) aegyo to their adorable clumsy mistakes or terrible jokes. But some idols will leave you in fits of laughter just with their adorable and unique laughs.

From small quirks to just the pitch of their voices, these idols have special charms that just shine trough whenever they’re laughing. Fans who have watched them laugh know just how contagious hilarious laughter can be.

Take a look at look at some of the best idol laughter below.

1. SISTAR Hyorin

Hyorin’s adorable laughter will leave you in stitches. Her continuous high pitch laugh is unbelievably contagious.

2. Girl’s Day Yura

You’ve probably never heard a laugh like Yura’s before. Her unique tone and continuing laugh will leave you laughing with her.

3. Girl’s Day Hyeri

Another member of Girl’s Day with a contagious laugh is member Hyeri. Her high pitch bursts of laughter will leave you in fits of laughter with her.

Bonus: Girl’s Day Hyeri and Yura

When interviewed together Hyeri and Yura’s laughs combined will certainly brighten your day.

4. SHINee Minho

SHINee’s Minho loud outbursts of laughter, often at his other member’s misfortune, is so bright it could cheer anyone up.

5. EXID Hani

EXID’s Hani is known for her adorable personality. But, her high pitched contagious laughter is just as adorable as her personality.

6. INFINITE Dongwoo

INFINITE’s Dongwoo unique “ha-ha-ho-ho” laugh will leave you in fits of laughter.

7. BTS Jin

BTS’s Jin “windshield wiper” laugh is so adorable you will cringe and laugh at the same time.