9MUSES launches next season of self-written reality show

9MUSES recently teased a new season for their new self-written 9MUSES CAST reality show through their Twitter account.

With the message, “D-day! The self-written reality show 9MUSES CAST will unveil its first episode at 6pm KST through Star Empire’s Naver TV channel. Please look forward to it!”, Nine Muses uploaded a group photo of the girls in casual attire onto its Twitter account.

The label Star Empire released a statement, explaining how they first released 9MUSES CAST episodes in November of 2014 which were very well-received by fans, with many seeing the more laid-back and honest sides of the members. Star Empire continued to assure the public that this season will be even more candid than before.

In the preview released on May 19th, the members can be seen in a car heading to an unknown destination. When they arrive, the members can be seen looking stunned and surprised, with some exclaiming, “What is this? Can they really do this?

The public can find out just exactly what the mystery location was on the May 26 first episode of 9MUSES CAST on Star Empire’s Naver TV channel.

Source: Osen