9MUSES releases sexy video teaser for “Drama”

9MUSES released their first music video teaser for their comeback track “Drama” on January 17th. This teaser is different from the image teasers the girls have revealed for their comeback. 

In the image teasers, 9MUSES went for a more innocent doll look with pastel wigs, while for the music video teaser the girls show off their sexy side.

The teaser is very short but effective in showing off the girls’ charms as they seductively pose in their sexy clothes. Each member stands by a window that is draped with a red curtain, further adding to the seductive mood of the teaser.

The group is currently preparing for its comeback with their two new members Sojin and Keumjo.

Check out the teaser below and look out for 9MUSES’ comeback on January 23rd.