9MUSES reveals which member gets hurt the most emotionally on “#hashtag”

The eight members of 9MUSES gathered together on the latest episode of 1theK‘s #hashtag on July 3rd where they revealed which member got emotionally hurt by another, and more. 

While the members used #hurt to express their feelings, they revealed with a bright attitude that they have also been called “Dumping MUSES” because some of their tracks focus on how they go through a breakup.

Throughout the segment, member Keumjo also revealed that the member that gets hurt the most emotionally is Sojin. Sojin continued by explaining, “I said to her [Keumjo] I really didn’t like it, but she did the same thing and made me cry.” The two continued to create laughter throughout the segment as Keumjo surprised Sojin as she lightly grabbed her shoulder, scaring her, and creating Sojin to jump.

Meanwhile, 9MUSES released the music video for their comeback track “Hurt Locker” on July 2nd.