According To Fans, This Track Is The Most Amazing K-Pop Song You’ve Never Heard

While some popular groups will enjoy guaranteed success because of their popularity, lesser-known groups may suffer from lack of attention no matter how amazing their song is. 

For example, fans have praised girl group LABOUM‘s latest song “Fresh Adventure” for its lyrics, melody, and choreography, with many considering it one of the best releases of the year so far. Despite so much praise, however, fans were disappointed that the music video for the song has only received one million views since its release in early April, and did not perform particularly well on music charts either.

LABOUM hasn’t found much success yet, fans have shown their support for the girls, sharing the video and leaving positive comments on the Instiz post in hopes to boost their popularity. In other news, group member Solbin was recently announced as the new MC for KBS music show Music Bank alongside CNBLUE‘s Minhyuk.

Source: Instiz
Also check out the full music video for LABOUM’s “Fresh Adventure” below: