Actor Ji Soo shows affection towards “Glory Day” cast member EXO’s Suho

Budding actor Ji Soo has some kind words to say about his Glory Day co-actors especially towards EXO member Suho

In a recent interview with The Star on October 7th, Ji Soo talked about his experiences with the film as he continued promotions with Glory Day. When asked about filming with three other young actors like him, Ji Soo dwelled on the fact that he gained three friends through Suho, Hee Chan and Joon Yeol.

When asked about Suho, he mentioned that they became close after travelling to the United States and added that, “I like having someone else lead me and unlike the pretty boy image that he gives off, Suho is very macho. He led me around everywhere and I followed him around,” showing much affection.

Glory Day is a budding story about four adolescents and how their lives changed after one fateful night. It has been included at the 20th Busan International Film Festival and started airing from October 1st to 10th.

Source: Star1