Ailee brings the sass with “Mind Your Own Business” MV

On September 29th, Ailee made a comeback with her title track “Mind Your Own Business.”

Although she experienced a slight setback due to a foot injury, she successfully made a return following a series of intense teasers as well.

The music video shows an amusing story as Ailee rallies her female friends to wreak havoc upon the male lead’s car. A series of flashbacks soon reveals the heartbreaking for this. To fit the bad-girl look, Ailee and her backup dancers can be seen sporting the classic orange prison jumpsuit while showing off their powerful choreography.

Her first full-length album VIVID includes other tracks such as “Insane,” “Letting Go” featuring Amber, “How Can Someone Be This Way,” “Second Chance,” “One Step Closer,” “Symphony” featuring Chancellor, “Filling Up My Glass,” and “Love Recipe.” The album’s tracks cover various genres such as rock ballad, ballad, retro soul, pop, and urban.

Check it out here: