Ailee makes ramen on the first episode of online series “In Seoul”

On December 9th, Korean American K-pop artist Ailee made an appearance on the first episode of the web series In Seoul. In this episode, Ailee catches up with old friends she shared her musical passion with back home before her debut in Korea.

The series In Seoul helps viewers get an inside look at what life is like in South Korea as the cameras follow Korean American Youtube rapper Danny Chung, who formerly went by the name Decipher. Danny Chung starts out by sharing how he came to know Ailee and shares clips of them performing together while Ailee was still an ordinary Youtube artist.

In the first episode of In Seoul, viewers can watch Ailee making ramen noodles by the Han River and having casual conversations with her friends about adjusting to life in Korea. Ailee also speaks entirely in English and shares more of her personality in front of the camera as she spends time with old friends.

Ailee also celebrated her 1000th day since debut last month on November 6th with many gifts from her fans.

In Seoul is hosted by Oogee Woogee on their Youtube channel, and the episode was produced by BapMokja. Watch the first episode here!
(Warning: Video contains inappropriate language).

Source: Oogee Woogee