Alberto Mondi guests on “Witch Hunt” and shares the differences between relationships in Korea and Italy

Alberto Mondi guested on the April 17th broadcast of JTBC’s Witch Hunt, where he shared his insight regarding the differences between relationships in Korea and his home country, Italy.

JTBC’s hit show Witch Hunt features MCs Shin Dong Yup, Yoon Se Yoon, and Sung Si Kyung, among others, and is known for its coverage of usually-avoided mature topics. The April 17th episode was no different, as the MCs questioned guest Alberto Mondi about the differences he has noticed between couple relationships in Korea and Italy. This followed after the topic was brought up about public displays of affection.

Alberto responded with a simple comparison. He said, “In Italy, there are many people who are in the parks. There are not ‘motels’ in Italy like in Korea.” As the MCs became more and more curious, he continued with, “Because there are not many people in the countryside, lovers travel by car to the countryside. Each couple goes to their own unique spot.”

Chef Choi Hyun Seok was also a guest on this episode. Previously on the show, solo singer G.NA shared her opinion on the differences between straight and gay men, while Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri made a surprise visit during one of the past episodes.

What do you think of the differences between relationships in Korea and Italy?

Source: Sports DongA and JTBC Entertainment Official YouTube