ALi releases teaser for upcoming “Pung Pung” concert footage release

After holding a concert in mid December, the singer-songwriter, ALi released a concert teaser, revealing that she will be releasing clips from her concert, Pung Pung

The short teaser revealed hundreds of fans gathered together to see the vocalist as a countdown timer appeared. As the timer reached the last number, a montage of footage showcased ALi performing as she was accompanied by multiple pianists and guitarists.

Although the release date has not been revealed, the concert footage will include clips from her concert which took place on December 12th, 13th and 14th. Fans can expect to see special guest appearances from guitarist Kim Sehwang and vocalist Suki.

Meanwhile, ALi released the emotional track and music video for the song, “Pung Pung,” on November 11th. In addition to releasing a music video, after signing a contract with Juice Entertainment, she released her extended play (EP), Turning Point which includes five tracks.

Source: ALiOfficialVEVO and Juice Entertainment Official YouTube