ALi unveils album jacket photos for mini-album, “TURNING POINT”

Juice Entertainment unveiled ALi‘s jacket photos for her upcoming comeback mini-album TURNING POINT on November 10th. The photos convey her sophisticated and abundant vocal styles visually as well.

ALi will make a comeback for the first time in two years this November 12th with her new mini-album.  With her solo debut back in 2011, she gained recognition for her powerful and passionate voice. Having recently moved to Juice Entertainment, the upcoming mini-album release is a special comeback as it is her first under the agency. With just days away from her comeback, the set of photos displaying ALi’s mature and charismatic styles continue to raise fans’ excitement for her comeback to a fever pitch.

Meanwhile, ALi has prepared for her comeback promos through various outlets. She recently appeared on an episode of Immortal Song 2 aired on November 8th. She previously pre-released a track titled “Songs Can’t Lie” on October 31st.

For the winter holiday season, the singer will be holding a concert titled ALi Winter Concert on December 12th and 13th in Seoul.

Source: Ten Asia