Amazing BTS flash mob takes over streets of London

BTS has once again proved their international appeal as a surprise flash mob performing their track “Blood Sweat & Tears” took over the streets of London.

With the announcement of their first world tour titled, Wings Tour and tickets selling in a record breaking time, BTS’s popularity only continues to grow, with more and more fans falling in love with the group.

Now BTS’s fans have taken to the streets of London to create a surprise flash mob. The BTS UK fan club Hush Hush performed a dance cover of the group’s recent track “Blood Sweat and Tears” around the streets of London. Many onlookers were left stunned by the group’s performances as crowds continued to build through the fans performances.

With so many fans in the UK having shown their love for BTS, perhaps the group will consider adding a stop in London to their world tour.

Many other fans in Korea and all over the world have also previously covered “Blood Sweat & Tears”. From Taekwondo dance covers to beatbox vocal covers, fans can’t get enough of the track.

Take a look at BTS’s UK fans amazing flash mob in London below!