Amber bares her soul in unofficial “Beautiful” MV for Mnet’s “4 Things Show”

f(x) member Amber bared her soul in the emotionally raw music video for “Beautiful” that was filmed during her appearance on Mnet’s 4 Things Show.

Amber has given it her all in her latest debut album Beautiful and topped charts with her jazzy track “Shake That Brass.” However, what took fans by surprise was her stunning vocals on her acoustic track “Beautiful.” In the self-composed song, Amber expresses her struggles as a singer and how acceptance became the key to staying true to herself.

In a recent interview with Dazed Digital, she summed up her feelings for song, “‘Beautiful’ is about accepting who I am, it took me a while to gain confidence to say, Screw it, I just wanna be me.”

Although Amber released a lyric video for the track prior to the release of her album, Mnet’s 4 Things Show created a passionate yet intimate music video for the solo singer. The camera is up close and personal with Amber during her heartfelt performance of “Beautiful” as she exposed a vulnerable aspect of her as an artist with the self-written work.

Meanwhile, Amber has been topping charts both domestically and internationally with her solo debut album Beautiful, and was named as the most popular K-Pop idol among idols by Billboard, showcasing her popularity as an artist and an idol among fans worldwide. The soloist has performed her hit track “Shake That Brass” with various artists including Wendy from Red Velvet and will soon be reuniting with her bandmate Luna this week!

Her appearance on Real Men has also been gaining a great deal of attention as she’s been deemed the Ace of the second female special. She recently shared childhood photos (some of which where seen in her “Beautiful” lyric video) and reflected on her time in the United states.