[★VIDEO] Amber recruits Lovelyz’s Kei for “Shake That Brass” on KBS Music Bank

f(x)‘s Amber chose Lovelyz‘s Kei as her featured partner for the performance of “Shake That Brass” on the latest episode of KBS Music Bank!

For her solo debut song “Shake That Brass,” Amber originally collaborated with Girl’s Generation‘s Taeyeon, consequently inviting other artists to feature on the stage of music shows, including Red Velvet‘s Wendyf(x)’s Luna, and Ailee.

Lovelyz’s main vocalist Kei was next in line, a valuable opportunity given after Woollim Entertainment merged with SM C&C. While Lovelyz has a pure girl group concept with their debut song “Candy Jelly Love” and current comeback track “Hi~“, Kei showed another side of her with her singing potential.

At the end of the performance, Amber even kindly showed support for her junior, dancing along to the dance choreography of Lovely’s “Hi~!”