Amber and Scott try “Beondagi” for the first time on “What the Pineapple!”

What the Pineapple! has just released it’s newest video and this time Amber and Scott take on a traditional dish named Beondagi

Their newest video, titled “PINE-ING Table” (a play on dining table and the channel’s name), features Amber and Scott with their friends Yoojun and Taehyun of DPR (Dream Perfect Regime) who introduce the them to a traditional dish known as Beondagi.

As Scott explains, beondagi is is actually silkwarm larvae. Taehyun explained that it is an “ahn-joo,” a dish often eaten with alcohol. With such a unique dish to try, the group ended up with vivid facial expressions and voiced their first impressions of the dish.

Check out their hilarious reactions below and stay tuned for more of What the Pineapple! as Amber and Scott Kim take on YouTube.