Amber stuffs her face with sweets to Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake”

Amber never fails to amuse and entertain her fans with her Instagram posts, and the latest is update is no exception.

Getting together with BTOB‘s Peniel and friends, Amber creates a hilarious video and parody to Red Velvet‘s hit track “Ice Cream Cake,” uploading the video on her personal Instagram account on March 31st.

As the creepy but addicting line “lala lalala lalalala” plays, Amber eyeballs a large stack of different types of ice cream. Smiling in an almost evil way, Amber begins to stuff her face with the myriad of sweets as Red Velvet’s voices appropriately sing, “Ice cream, you scream, gimme that, gimme that ice cream.”

Fans voiced out their amusement with “You funny llama, love you,” “Time crazy, unnie,” “Hahaha, ice cream,” and “So funny, love you unnie.”