Amber sings of her personal experience in “Borders” MV for SM STATION

In the latest weekly single release from SM STATION, f(x) member Amber releases one of the most touching songs yet as it stems from personal experience and those around her.

Released on March 25th, unlike past SM STATION released tracks, “Borders” is completely in English with the music video including the subtitles in Korean as well.

Prior to the single’s release, Amber shared her excitement in the track’s release as it has been in the making for the last two years. She shared on her Twitter account, “This song started two years ago with me and Leon. We probably spent months on this track, changing and redoing things over and over, so we just left it for a good year and a half. It just wasn’t perfect. But with the talent of the rest of VO3E: Jaeyeon and Pit, we finished the version you are about to hear.”

Amber's explanation on "Borders" / Amber's Twitter
Amber’s explanation on “Borders” / Amber’s Twitter

She additionally adds background information regarding the music video, writing, “So excited to be finally be working with the team. Rome has spent the last year and a half teaching me how to shoot, edit, and visualize things. This time with Scott’s and Rome’s blessing, they let me take the reigns this time. It being my first time directing by myself, I thought I was nervous but I actually had a blast, especially having the team with me. Guess all the preparations paid off?? We worked day and night from planning, then shooting, and editing. We’re all excited to show you guys what we made. DPR!!!!”

“‘Borders’ was just this story in my head two years ago. I wanna thank everyone who made it possible for me to bring it to life.”

In a final note prior to the release of the song, she reveals the personal relationship she has with it, “Before the song is released there are a couple things I’d like to share. This song took me a lot of courage to write because I was always apprehensive of the subject it talked about. I’ve been doing this job for a long time now and right now I speak not as Amber of f(x) nor ‘celebrity’ Amber, but just Amber. Just plain, simple, human Amber. ‘Borders’ is more than a song; no glamorous concepts, no ‘trying to be cool.’ It’s a raw and real story about reality. It shares, not only about my personal experience but of people very close to me. Everyone involved int his project – the producers, my team DPR, the actors, to the staff – were people specifically chosen as they have never given up on me and believed in my vision. For that, I want to thank them for making this possible for me. When you guys listen to ‘Borders,’ there is just one thing I wish everyone could take from it: NEVER give up on yourself. There is always hope in the midst of this dark, demanding world. In the end, live for those that did not get the chance to and just keep fighting. Always, thank you you guys. You made it possible.”

Image: Amber's explanation on "Borders" / Amber's Twitter
Image: Amber’s explanation on “Borders” / Amber’s Twitter