Amber takes fans from Seoul to Taipei for SMTOWN LIVE IV in vlog featuring EXO, Red Velvet, and more!

Amber shows off the fun-loving and crazy SMTOWN family through her time-lapse vlog as she travels from Seoul to Taipei for SMTOWN’s latest concert stop.

On March 23rd, SMTOWN released “SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR Ⅳ in TAIWAN”♬Directed by 에프엑스 f(x) Amber on their official Facebook page.

In the time-lapse vlog, Amber starts with her journey from the airport to the hotel in Taiwan where she shows off her energetic personality as she bounces from bed to bed. She then shows the road to the concert stage where she proceeds to participate in the full rehearsal with self-camera in tow.

Then, as SMTOWN artists prepare with hair and makeup, Taeyeon and Zhoumi drop into the frame to say hello and fans catch a quick glimpse of Super Junior before the EXO members are seen booty-bumping and dancing around playfully as Amber tries to hold the camera still. After hair and makeup, Amber heads over to SHINee where she gives her “Dinosaur Twin” Jonghyun a closeup before making crazy faces at the camera with Minho.

Amber then shows off the cute charms of SM Entertainment’s maknae group Red Velvet as they dance their hearts out before wrapping up the video with the members of her group, f(x).

SMTOWN wrapped up their Taiwan stop without any major injuries to their artists despite a stage malfunction during Girls’ Generation’s rehearsal and a close call with a moving stage set with SHINee’s Taemin. SMTOWN also showed love for their newest group Red Velvet with a heart warming video of support with the addition of their newest member Yeri. Meanwhile, Krystal was missing from the finale stage for the fourth time and fans have begun to speculate that her absence is to avoid the members of Girls’ Generation as she has yet to join the finale stage since the removal of her sister, Jessica, from the group last fall.

Check out Amber’s crazy adventure on SMTOWN’s Facebook video!