American teens watch EXO’s “Call Me Baby” for the first time…and their reaction is epic

After creating a video of popular YouTube stars reacting to mukbang, YouTube channel TheFineBros released a video of American teenagers reacting to EXO‘s “Call Me Baby.”

Because of the popularity of the SM Entertainment group’s newest album, TheFineBros featured EXO’s music video for “Call Me Baby” as part of their YouTube series Teens React.

Although most of the teens were confused when the video first started, many soon realized that they were watching a K-pop music video. Reactions ranged from confusion to admiration, with many complimenting the group’s dancing, and one girl adding, “they must have a huge fan base.

In addition to the catchy music, many of the teens also noted that the EXO members also displayed impeccable choreography and fashion sense. After the video finished, TheFineBros asked all of the teens a series of questions, including which member was their favorite. The teens even reacted to members Luhan and Kris leaving the group.

Overall, the reaction to the music video was very positive, with one boy concluding, “that was pretty epic, I’m not gonna lie.”

Make sure to check out the video below!