Amoeba Culture aims to make Sulli more attractive in latest group selca?

Despite their efforts of keeping out of the public eye, Sulli and Choiza have been spotted on another public date as a selca of them together circulated online. 

On August 25th, DJ Friz, an artist from Amoeba Culture, updated his personal Instagram account with a  group photo with Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko, CRUSH and more. As the rest comically posed for the shot, Sulli was seen cutely posing in the background together with Choiza, capturing their fans and netizens attention.

Since the photo was uploaded, Sulli was further spotted commenting on the post saying that the men were making her look more attractive and asked DJ Friz to not delete it.

Meanwhile, since her official withdrawal from f(x), Sulli has been slowly coming back to the limelight after recently opening her very first public Instagram account.

Source: Dispatch