An old embarrassing photo of PSY with G-Dragon resurfaces online

With news surrounding BIGBANG’s 200 million views for “Fantastic Baby,” an old photo of leader G-Dragon with PSY resurfaces online. 

On January 28th, an old photo of G-Dragon with PSY circulated once more, humouring fans with the singer’s accidental fashion. In the original post published back in 2013, PSY shared an embarrassing photo of G-Dragon who is seen comically crying over his ripped pants and came with a caption saying, “My special guest, fighting spirit of his ripped pants.” 

The photo was taken during PSY’s concert series in 2013 where G-Dragon and Taeyang appeared as special guests.

Since the photos circulated, netizens cannot help but reminisce over the funny encounter between the two, with some praising the artist for his confidence despite his wardrobe malfunction.

Source: Segye