“Ant Couple” Seo In Young and Crown J Reunite With Amazing Live Performance Of “Too Much”

To celebrate her recent solo comeback with fans, Seo In Young set up a live stream to connect with her fans who were given a special surprise performance featuring special guest and rapper Crown J.

Aired on June 2nd at 11pm KST via V App, Seo In Young revealed that she has recently been and has continually been in contact with Crown J. The rapper suddenly made an appearance where the two then began a live performance of Crown J’s “Too Much” which originally featured Seo In Young as the vocalist. Dancing with hot chemistry as if they had never parted, fans felt a wave of nostalgia hit them as they watched the two sing.

As many fans may or may not recall, Crown J is the former virtual husband of Seo In Young as the two had featured on the first seasons of We Got Married in 2008. They were one of the popular couples, gaining the nickname “Ant Couple.”

You can watch the performance of their video here.

Image: Seo In Young and Crown J on V App Live
Image: Seo In Young and Crown J on V App Live

Source: OSEN