AOA member Mina reveals what males do that makes her heart flutter

AOA member Mina revealed what actions males do that makes her heart flutter the most in a recent episode of KBS 2TV’s Hello Counselor.

Aired on June 29th, Mina made an appearance with fellow member Choa as well as K.Will, and HOMME‘s Changmin and Lee Hyun.

During the opening of the episode, host Jung Chan Woo asked their guest male members who was the most handsome out of all three of them to which K.Will jokingly answered, “This type of question always makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Additionally, Changmin added, “We are all in different categories. We are the ugliest amongst the handsome group.”

Choa was also asked the same question as to which of the three male guest singers were the most handsome in her eyes, but she was unable to answer after being put on the spot.

Mina, on the other hand, was asked which actions men do that makes her heart flutter, to which she answered, “When a guy with large hands covers all of my face, my heart starts to beat faster.”


Source: X Sports News