AOA members are sparkling beauties in special video for “Heart Attack”

Weeks after the release of “Heart Attack,” AOA released the sparkling version of the music video where the members shine through as they showcased their sexy and cute personalities.

Released on July 10th, the members of AOA are dressed in their pink and hot shorts lacrosse team outfits for the sparkling version of “Heart Attack.” While on the sports field and in front of scoreboard, they dance arbitrarily in front of the camera, having fun.

While the music video included a fun vibe from the use of geometric shapes, the members also showcased their bright aura and energy throughout the special video.

AOA released the music video for “Heart Attack” on June 22nd where the members played the role of a lacrosse team going against a male lacrosse team. Since the release of “Heart Attack,” AOA also released the choreography version of the music video on June 30th.

Meanwhile, member Jimin boldly asked Jay Park out for a date while she appeared on a radio airing of Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’clock Date.