AOA releases acoustic version of “Like a Cat”

On December 4th, AOA released an acoustic version of their latest hit “Like a Cat,” featuring members Choa, Yuna, and Jimin

Fans have already enjoyed several different versions of AOA’s newest release, and FNC Entertainment just released another one! After releasing three different dance practice videos for the track, the girls have come back with an acoustic version of the hit song. Despite the song’s heavy emphasis on choreography of the dance, AOA’s two main vocalists and main rapper were able to perform a beautiful rendition of the song that kept the song’s catchy tune while adding a sensual touch.

This is not the first time that the group has performed an acoustic cover of a popular dance song, as they released a similar video for the previous track, “Short Hair.” Like the previous video, the girls were seated, in what appears to be the same recording room, in a row and sang through individual microphones.

“Like a Cat” has been extremely successful, breaking 2 million views on YouTube in less than two weeks after its release. The track also helped AOA win a #1 trophy on the November 19th episode of MBC Show! Champion.

Make sure to check out the acoustic version of AOA’s “Like a Cat” below!