AOA releases “Like a Cat” eye contact dance practice video

On November 18th, FNC Entertainment girl group AOA unveiled a dance practice video for their latest hit, “Like a Cat”, which included their signature “eye contact” aspect. 

“Like a Cat” has been an instant hit for AOA, its MV hitting 1 million views in less than 48 hours, and reaching the 2 million view milestone within a week. In fact, the girls have been attracting so much attention that American music channel MTV noticed, and wrote an article about the group, calling them a group “to put on your radar”.

AOA’s dance practice videos, especially the “Eye Contact” versions, have been incredibly popular with the YouTube viewers. The videos for their songs “Short Hair,” “Miniskirt,” and “Confused” all have surpassed 1 million views, as the eye contact aspect of their videos definitely give viewers a greater sense of intimacy with the group than a standard dance practice video.

In their video for “Like a Cat”, the six girls (Mina was absent because of individual activities) displayed their sexy and catlike qualities, which give them the ability to steal the hearts of men. If you’ve been enjoying AOA’s newest release, be sure to check out the dance practice of “Like a Cat” below!