AOA releases second CF for mobile RPG game “Fantasy Hero”

After announcing the selection of AOA as models for mobile RPG game Fantasy Hero, a CF clip was released, featuring the members of AOA, for promotion. On October 29th, Kingnet Entertainment revealed another clip featuring the girls!

The clip starts with AOA finishing a dance practice, featuring moves from their hit songs “Short Hair” and “Miniskirt”. Tired from a long day of dancing, the girls feel excited about the prospect of being able to play their favorite mobile game, Fantasy Hero. After a quick scene of some of the girls enjoying the game, the video ends with the seven members encouraging their fans to play the game when it comes out, and also giving the fans a sneak peek at the AOA avatars from the game.

FNC Entertainment also shared the clip on their Facebook, with a note that fans could gain access to unreleased pictorials of AOA after pre-ordering the game.

In the first CF, the members Jimin, Choa, Yuna, Hyejeong, MinaSeolhyun and Chanmi were seen playing the game on their respective phones and looking victorious while a classical song played in the background. Meanwhile, AOA is set to make a comeback on November 11th.

Check out the video below!