AOA shares youthful making of video for Smart Bike CF

On February 1st, AOA took fans behind the scenes of the shooting for their Smart Bike CF, participating in interviews in between filming breaks.

The members modeled the new line of bikes called the Black Cat. The thin and lightweight builds of the bikes matched AOA’s youthful and fresh air.

Choa is the first member to greet fans with her video message, giving fans a close up of her bold and blonde short hair. The following members pose charmingly with the bikes as they look natural and cheerful to match the oncoming, delightful spring mood.

The upbeat music of the video accompanies the girl group through their shooting. As the sky begins to turn dark, the individual members come together for some group shots before signing off together.

Meanwhile, the group is set to release their latest hit “Like a Cat” in Japan later this month.

Take a look at the video here: