AOA shows off their fresh dance moves in SBENU CF

On November 21st, FNC Entertainment‘s rising stars AOA released a short CF for SBENU, a South Korean footwear company. Earlier in the month, on November 11th, SBENU released a BTS video from the making of the CF. In the 60-second video, the seven-member group danced rhythmically to the beat as they showed off their stylish SBENU shoes. Although the video lasted for only a minute, it was jam-packed and featured odd props such as black balloons, a rocking horse, and a big red yoga ball. Oddities aside, the video really brought out the unique and stylish shoes, showing that “style starts [with] SBENU.” AOA has worked with SBENU in the past by starring in several other CFs for the company.

The group has become extremely popular lately, which can be largely attributed to their newest release “Like a Cat“. The music video for the song has reached almost 3 million views since it was released on November 11th, and doesn’t appear to be showing any signs of slowing down. AOA continues to impress fans with their incredible dancing, showing off their smooth moves in the unique black and white work-themed CF.