AOA teaches viewers how to be “Like a Cat” with 1theK’s “Let’s Dance”

Following the release of their incredibly popular track, AOA returned to teach viewers how to be “Like a Cat” on 1theK‘s Let’s Dance program on November 13th. AOA’s new release “Like a Cat” has been extremely popular with fans, garnering over one million views on YouTube in less than two days! The music video featured the girls attempting to steal a large diamond from a high-security vault, but it appears that the girls have also been stealing the hearts of viewers as well. The FNC Entertainment group treated fans with a Let’s Dance video, to show how they too can learn how to steal the heart of that special someone through dance.

The Ace of Angels broke down the dance into three simple parts: 1. Wing Dance 2. Soft Steps Dance 3. Meow Dance.

The girls paired up for each part (Mina was absent due to her individual activities), noting that the key to stealing a man’s heart is through acting graceful, being cute, and catching his attention. The video wrapped up with AOA performing all of the steps together, putting on a full display of their heart-stealing ability.

If there’s a special someone whose heart you’ve been trying to steal, be sure to check out the video below to get some pointers from AOA!