[★VIDEO] AOA’s Choa laughs off fall during “Suwon Science College Festival” performance

Despite slipping during the group’s performance of their debut song, “Elvis”, AOA’s lead singer Choa remained professional, even laughing off the fall and quickly rejoining her members in finishing the song. Throughout the festival on October 31st at the Suwon Science College Festival, it was clear that the stage was quite slippery and required maintenance by the stage crew between performances. While some performers might have been deterred by the wet stage, the AOA members, who are quite familiar with performing in the rain, rose up to the challenge.

Lead singer Choa slipped during the group’s performance of “Elvis”, but was quick to get up with the assistance of her fellow group members. Despite the fall, Choa was unfazed and continued to perform with enthusiasm.

In addition to their debut song “Elvis”, the girls performed several other songs as well, including hits like “Short Hair” and “Confused”. In the spirit of Halloween, the members wore modified versions of their “Short Hair” costumes, which included spooky accessories such as giant spiders, animal ears and cat whiskers.

AOA is set to release a new song on November 11th, so be sure to keep an eye out!