AOA’s Mina successfully stacks 70 coins on her collarbone

On the July 26th episode of A Song For YouAOA’s Mina proved herself to be a “collarbone goddess” by successfully stacking 70 coins on her collarbone.

The game originates from a trend that is supposedly going viral in China as girls show off their collarbones. Amber carefully placed the coins onto her collarbone while the male MCs stood observing from afar.

The members discussed the proper poses and strategy required to perform this challenging task. Slowly but surely, Mina successfully held 70 100 won coins on her collarbone as netizens crowned her a “collarbone goddess.” She even did a cute dance afterward to celebrate.

Watch the video here:

[ +500 / -50] What the heck is this. This seems like a Japanese variety show..

[ +496 / -54] What are they doing

[ +322 / -63] There are many guys who like her from AOA

Source: OSEN