[★VIDEO] AOA’s Seolhyun dances to “Like A Cat” in 1970’s clothes to celebrate “Gangnam 1970’s” 1 million views

In order to celebrate the fact that Gangnam 1970 reached 1 million viewers, AOA‘s Seolhyun thanked fans with a special video on January 27th.

On its opening weekend  on January 21st Gangnam 1970 attracted 700,000 moviegoers and just one week later, it has now reached 1 million. The movie stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won, whose characters’ friendship is tested as the film portrays the war between political powers and gangster organizations in Korea in the ’70’s.

This is Seolhyun’s first movie, so in order to show her appreciation to the fans and moviegoers she danced to AOA’s hit song “Like A Cat” in 1970’s clothes. She gave the song a cute and innocent vibe compared to the sexier vibe the girls usually give off in their catwoman outfits.

Check out the video below!