AOA’s Seolhyun and GOT7’s Junior put a twist on modern-meets-Joseon era in new CF

AOA’s Seolhyun and GOT7’s Junior were featured in SK Telecom‘s latest CF promoting their new line of pet management devices in a modern-meets-Joseon-era story with a refreshing twist.

Seolhyun, dressed in a bright colored summer outfit, ponders how to take care of her two puppies when Junior, dressed in traditional clothes, makes a grand entrance to save the day.

With SK Telecom’s new T-Pet device secured to her two dog’s, Junior let’s them run free, surprising Seolhyun. However, he quickly explains that when paired with a smartphone app, owners can keep track of their pets activity.

Netizens have reacted positively to the new CF noting the two young idols’ fresh faces, adorable chemistry, and natural acting skills.

Meanwhile, Junior has received a great deal of love for his recent acting role on My Love Eundong from various people in the Korean entertainment industry including singer Byul who expressed her hope for her son, Dream, to grow up to be like him. His group, GOT7 is currently in preparations for a summer comeback rumored to take place on July 6th.

AOA has busily been preparing for their comeback on June 22nd as well releasing various video teasers, album highlights, and individual images including Seolhyun’s. The girl group will be going head to head with summer hit powerhouse, SISTAR, with same day releases. AOA’s “Heart Attack” will be released in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese simultaneously.