AOA’s Seolhyun shows her love of food in BTS photo

On November 25th, AOA uploaded onto their official Facebook page several BTS photos of member Seolhyun enjoying delicious meals in the waiting room.The  photos uploaded by the rising FNC Entertainment girl group showed the lead dancer of the group happily enjoying her meals, and included a photo of her with a genuinely wide smile, as well as two others with her mouth full of food. Despite not having an income, it’s good to know that Seolhyun is still able to enjoy delicious food!

Seolhyun has been praised for her hot body, which has been put on display quite frequently since the release of AOA’s recent hit, “Like a Cat“. In addition to participating in group activities such as dance practice videos and variety shows, Seolhyun will also be making her big-screen debut with a role in the upcoming movie Gangnam 1970, which stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won as the lead roles.

Unlike fellow member Chanmi, who revealed that she had worked very hard to lose 5 kg for AOA’s comeback, Seolhyun appears to be enjoying as much food as she can get (luckily she probably burns most if not all the calories from all the dancing she and her group have been doing lately)!

Netizen responses to the photos have been overwhelmingly positive, with fans leaving supportive comments such as: “Glad to see the members eating well 🙂“, “So cute♡ Don’t be too skinny“, and “XD Her face lights up so brightly when she sees food. Too cute.

Source: AOA Official

#AOA #설현 씨의 대기실 먹방 3종 세트! AOA #SeolHyun had meals in the waiting room.

Posted by AOA on Monday, November 24, 2014