AOORA releases two versions of “Lovestagram” MV featuring Na Aram

AOORA has returned with not one, but two music videos for his latest solo release, “Lovestagram.”

“Lovestagram” is an R&B track that showcases AOORA’s smooth vocals and features Na Aram from Mnet‘s The Voice of Korea. The lyrics of the song tell of how a couple checks each other’s social networking accounts to see how much they like each other from their posts. The track’s sweet concept is in stark contrast to Aoora’s previous 19+ solo releases.

The first music video, the original version, is formatted like the Instagram mobile application only titled, “Lovestagram.” As posts roll through the screen, fans can catch a glimpse of both AOORA and Na Aram singing their parts in the song as well as many posts featuring young couples.

In the second music video, titled the “LOVE version,” features posts from all over the world that feature the hashtag “#럽스타그램 (#Lovestagram).”

Check out both music videos for AOORA’s “Lovestagram” featuring Na Aram below!