Apink is back with “LUV” on “MelOn Showcase”

The girls of Apink appeared on 1theK‘s MelOn Showcase for their recent album Pink LUV.

After makingtheir announcement, Apink appeared on 1theK’s released video of their Melon Showcase on November 25th.

Brightly greeting their Pink Pandas with cute waves, the girls wow their audience with live stage performances of their previous hit songs, such as “Mr. Chu,” as well as their new song, “LUV.” The pink fairies explain how they are happy with “LUV,” because it gives them an opportunity to sing with more sentiment, therefore showing their maturity. With “Secret,” one of the members explain how this ballad truly showcases their vocals, as they sing about a pure, melancholy one-sided love.

Afterwards, Apink answered some of their fans’ questions, and one fan asked “How many hours do you think it will take to be #1 on MelOn chart [from release]?” To this, the members collectively agreed that it may take weeks, but wish that will reach the top spot. Hearing this, one encouraging male fan answered  “We’ll make it happen!” leaving the girls in awe of their fans’ endless support. The girls finished their showcase with a stunning pink-lit performance of “LUV.”

Apink’s 5th mini-album Pink LUV has been released on November 24th. Currently, the girls have been busy promoting their title track “LUV.”

Check out their showcase below!