Apink bows down to the floor on KBS Music Bank for 2nd consecutive win

Girl group Apink continues to sweep the charts with their title track “LUV,” as they accepted their second consecutive win on this week’s KBS Music Bank episode on December 12th.

Overtaking INFINITE F’s “Heartbeat” with 8,021 points, Apink’s Jung Eunji takes the helm, beginning her thanks with, “To our company, our family members, my unnies and oppas, thank you. It’s because of the fans that have always cheered for us. Apink members will continue to put more effort. We thank you and love you. I’d also like to thank my parents.”

Following their thank you speech, Apink began their encore stage, bowing down to the floor to show their loving fans their deepest gratitude.

Check out their win cut below!


Source: Newsen