[★VIDEO] Apink do their best impersonations on “OVEN RADIO” finale

On November 28th, 1theK released the fifth and final episode of OVEN RADIO: Apink – LUVwhich featured the six members of Apink showing off their best impersonations.

To cap off the five-episode series, the girls started off with “sexy” versions of their daily attendance check. Showing off their appeal, Chorong showed off her legs and Namjoo seductively bit a pen, but when the maknae Hayoung attempted to ruffle her hair and give the camera a sexy stare, she was abruptly stopped by her fellow members, who said she was too young to do such a thing.

After the amusing intro, Apink started things off with a segment called Apink Player, which consisted of the members doing their best facial expressions, poses, and impersonations. Highlights of Apink Player included the girls posing with silly faces for the camera, and Bomi attempting to imitate Cho In Sung‘s emotional lines from the drama What Happened in Bali.

The next segment featured Apink playing a quick yet amusing telepathy game, followed by the girls participating in a series of model-like poses for fans.

As the five minutes of OVEN RADIO came to a close, the members thanked the show for giving them a chance to communicate with their fans and ended the episode with a live performance of their new song “LUV.” The girls took turns singing lines of the song while the screen flashed back to scenes from the previous episodes of OVEN RADIO.

Apink recently made a comeback with their new hit “LUV,” which earned an “all-kill” status. Are you a fan of Apink’s newest track? You can check out the final episode of Apink’s OVEN RADIO below!