[★VIDEO] Apink goes public in support for Huh Gak

Apink released a short video showing their support for Huh Gak‘s recently released single, “Snow of April.”

In a short thirty second clip on their official Youtube channel, Apink’s Bomi and Namjoo publicly showed their support for Huh Gak as they celebrated the release of his latest album and cheered him on his upcoming promotions.

Huh Gak’s mini album, titled “Snow of April” was released on Tuesday, March 17, 2015. The single, which is titled after the album, shows off his vocal talent that is sensitive to the song’s dynamics which allowed him to win Superstar K2 back in 2010.

Meanwhile, Huh Gak will continue promotions for “Snow of April,” while Apink is scheduled to appear in a number of concerts in Singapore, Hanoi and Los Angeles for the Korea Times Festival.